Closing The Farm

A warm “thank you” to all Farm Members and customers that have contributed to our farm operation through the years. We deeply appreciate all of your support. As Tim and I close another chapter of our lives, we are finding that we need to move on to other pursuits and dreams on a more personal level. The financial burdens and time constraints of operating GPF has been too much to bear any longer.

Our hope in the “foodie” world is that you will continue to seek out nutritious food sources, even learning how to become self-sufficient yourselves. Perhaps you can grow your own small garden, or raise your own little flock of laying hens. Perhaps you can grow a tomato plant in a container because of small living space. Just as good is the support you can give your neighbors, friends and local farmers for the work they do in raising good food for you. Whatever you can do, we encourage you to not give up in trying.

Tim and I will always be growing something for ourselves, as long as we have land, seed, water and a measure of health that allows us to do the work.

Up to the end of 2009, the krauts, kimchi and our raw honey will be in the front porch fridge for sale. For purchasing these, come on up on
Monday-Saturday, 8am-8pm and pay in the pay box, please.

Thank you again for everything.
-Tim & Robin Leonard-

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” -Albert Einstein